Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Five Year Old Fairy!

Well the world (or at least my small part in it) has been consumed by a certain hurricane Chloes' fifth birthday.  For here actual birthday, which fell on a Thursday, we took her to the MASSIVE (her new favourite word) swimming pool to hang out.  That Saturday she had a MASSIVE fairy party.  We had never really given her a 'proper' birthday party - we wanted to wait until she had enough friends and new what she wanted.  So this was the year and I do believe she had a fabulous time.

The photos show her birthday present which was also her outfit for her party.  We bought it from an online store called Fairy Dance.  Seriously if you have the need to buy any fairy costumes this is the place to go.  A few years ago the Mr took me to Melbourne and we bought Chloe a fairy outfit there from the same business and it is fabulous.  We only upgraded because she outgrew it.  If these costumes can withstand hurricane Chloe they are pretty special!

So hopefully now the birthday is done and I am now the proud mum of a five year old I can get back to regular blogging. My iron has been fairly low with this baby so I'm a bit lacking in energy but I'm working on it! Hope you are all wonderful x

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