Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What are strong knickers?

These would be the top six weirdest things I have heard during this pregnancy.

#1 Oh dear what will you do about your boobs by the end of this pregnancy?
     (Keep in mind I am a  'well breasted girl!)...............
      I don't know - how about buy a bigger bra? -
      get them a wheelbarrow each?
      Didn't really know there was any option but to deal with what I have!

#2 You would be disappointed to have another girl.
      Umm no........I am actually just really grateful to
      be a mum let alone to have two girls. 
      As long as it's healthy I'm happy.

#3 Let me check if your bellybutton is in or out
     No weird man I don't know you can't feel my tummy ,
     my belly button or my boobs but you know .......thanks anyway.

#4 If you are having a girl/boy and want to change it to the opposite -
     have sex the opposite way
     I'm no doctor but as much as this is fun to try I'm fairly sure it doesn't work that way.

#5 Make sure for the last month you are wearing really strong knickers
      in case the baby comes too quickly and you need to catch it so it doesn't hit the ground
      This was from an older woman who was  talking to me whilst I was shopping for underwear the other 
      day.  I'm still not sure what strong knickers are but I'm guessing something  resembling Xena's outfit - 
      anyone know where I can get some????

#6 The latest one would be.....if you get really, really stoned your birth will be so easy
      and your baby will  be really calm.....
      Chloe was always a non sleeper and lives life like a force of nature so I have to
      admit this did , briefly, seem like an option.  But really..............WTF????

I am actually a big fan of crazy theories....I love them and sometimes I will even try them (don't worry I'm not lighting a bong up anytime soon!)  I have a fairly warped sense of humour so I think that helps when people I don't know want to give me advice.

Two things I have found are...when you are a curvy, voluptuous, well rounded (whatever you want to call it) girl and/or you are pregnant people feel it's okay to say whatever they think to you and that is why I do think that the most legendary, supposedly cocaine loving, children's author had it right.....

“Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind.”
Dr. Seuss

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm happy for you :)))) And yes, those who matter don't mind!