Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A long time love and my new fling….

I have a million blogs that I love and a lot I actually read.  I don't comment as much as I should but, you know, I always could do something better.  Just thought I would share my two favourites at the moment.  One is a long time love , the other a new fling…..

Lambs Ears and Honey is an absolutely AMAZING food and travel blog.  Well actually I think it is so much more! I have followed Amanda for a long time, especially on the Facebook page.   If you have any interest in consuming delectable cuisine , organics, producers and basically anything that is going on in the big wide world of Australian food and world travel…this is the blog to follow.

Hunterjuly is the creation of a lovely lady called Katelyn.  This girl has got style.  If it's on trend she knows about it, but here is the twist, she is a fashion hunter.  So if you want it, but don't want to pay retail, she is your girl - Katelyn will hunt it down.  Also covering food and soon to be travel this is a newish Adelaide blog to keep an eye on.

Enjoy x

Photo by me -no real point.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter on an Island

We were really lucky to be able to spend some time at easter on Kangaroo island.
It's not a place I actually thought I would love as much as what I do…..
but really… could you not.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Just a few…..

Ironically I have been really busy turning my hobby, my passion, into a business…….it's ironic because it is photography and social media management…….which has seen my own blog go by the wayside.  But hopefully I am somewhat organised (right now - possibly not in an hour) and can catch up on my blogging! Here are a few photos of mine from the last few weeks……….

Sunday, January 19, 2014


The last week in South Australia we had a heatwave.  If it's over twelve degrees I think it's a heatwave so being over 40 degrees for days on end was pretty much doing my head in.  The girls coped relatively well - Summer , below, pretty much spent the entire week nude. Chloe, above, just wanted to swim all the time - the photo was taken as the cool change hit Adelaide we went down the beach and the winds came quick and fast.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Summer: We went to a new park it wasn't quite up to her expectations… throws you a few curve balls when you are two.

Chloe: She won't make her bed but she more than pulled her weight helping my sister landscape her garden so I guess it all evens out…maybe.

Joining in with Practicing Simplicity's 52 project. Com and have a look x

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stills : A weekly collection

1.  My hurricane Chloe. 

2. Jake & Marcaline - the newest additions to our family - it's been a while since I had young cats - it's a learning curve.

3.  My cyclone Summer - with the worlds most appropriate top.

4.  My summer staple - guacamole in an avocado - delicious and no dishes.

Only four this week - more next week.

This is my first entry for this year into Stills: A weekly Collection - if you'd like to see more or participate please go to The Beetleshack.


A portrait of my daughters 
once a week - every week - for one year.

Chloe - I explained this project to her.  Usually she highly dislikes having her photo taken.  Being part of a global project seemed to change her mind.  She said I was allowed to take her photo as long as I 'captured her ta -da'.  I'm not really sure you could miss it.

Summer - this was taken earlier in the week.  This unique one will not drink out of anything except for a travel mason jar 'zippy cup'.  She has her own show going on.

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