Friday, November 4, 2011

The world is the right way up again....

There are two possession's I have that if I am without I feel incredibly 'out of whack'.  Number one are my earrings, they must be big , they must be silver and I have been known to refuse to leave the house without them.  Second is my camera.  It is a Nikon D60 slr and I may be far to madly in love with it.  Last year Chloe pulled it off a table and broke it.  I managed to get it fixed enough to keep it alive.  Then a couple of weeks ago George, the bulldog with lap dog tendencies decided my remaining lens looked a bit lovely, needless to say my camera suffered death by bulldog.

Thank fully eBay came through with an affordable replacement and my little model/hurricane allowed my 20 secs of her time.

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