Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A few of my favourites

I love the thrill of finding new favourite things (yes I need to get out more) I have my tried and true stores and  online got places.  My Mr  detests shopping and if I take him he puts on a tantrum, otherwise known as a 'mantrum', that a three year old would be proud of.    Chloe is just her dad, with less beard and more attitude. As for my youngest cyclone, well,  lets just say we are at that stage where you don't really want to try and stand still and look at anything.   So three of my favourite, and by chance, South Australian finds are...

Among the Trees...... I first bought their Pyrus: French Pear and Vanilla candle.  It was love at first sniff.  I did not even have to light it, just left it with the lid off and my house smelt beautiful.  Fabulous quality candles with beautiful packaging.....what more could a girl want!

She Shopped..........seriously if you need anything you go here.  Clothes, shoes, clothes for curves, presents, flowers anything at all it's here.  Run by an Adelaide mum it's a fantastic site and she keeps her face book page full of great ideas, advice and oh...a hot lunch date here and there!

My third new favourite thing I have to admit I have not actually tried but it has has such wonderful reviews around my local Adelaide Hillians (yes I made that word up!) that I'm dying to.  Usually my Mr works away so as a weekday solo mama with two small humans to feed I can quite often end up eating exactly the same food........every...single.....night (like when my girls went through their ' we love Mexican week') and sometimes it would be nice to eat something just a little 'lovely'.  Provi To Your Dore source fresh, local, ingredients, plan the menu, do the shopping and deliver it.  The minute the Mr goes away again I am so trying this!

This photo has nothing to do with any of this ....it's just in our back yard one very cold morning!

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