Sunday, July 7, 2013


Chloe:  At six almost seven she detests (her word) having her photo taken.  If I manage to get one quite often it's over animated.  We had been kept inside all day by the rain and I think she was quite happy to get outside.....even if it was just to go to see the chickens.  She is my hurricane.

Summer: Nineteen months old and jumping in puddles is her new favourite pastime , she prefers to do it sans clothes, but as we live in the freezing Adelaide Hills that's not an option.  This was a rare moment of stillness....for she is my cyclone.

This is my first entry in the 52 project over at Che & Fidel.

My blog has been re vamped by the wonderfully talented Melissa at Suger Coat it.  I can not speak highly enough of Melissa she is fabulous at everything and answered my many ridiculous questions.


  1. Oh I love Chloe's facial expressions - she sounds like my son with having photos taken (and he is nearly 7 too!).

  2. ha ha, i have a puddle jumper too! your eldest is very tolerant-i get closed eyes, a screwed up face of hand in front of the lens! bribery seems to do the trick :0)