Friday, October 7, 2011

Why it is okay to be isad

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Yesterday Steve Jobs passed away.  The man that created two of my favourite things - being the iPhone and ipad - died after a battle with cancer.  I never met him, I did not know him or his family but it did make me sad.  He seemed to be a man with extraordinary vision, ideas and talent, a father, a husband, a man who didn't really give a hoot if he was seen as 'different'  - a man to admire.

As soon as I learnt of his death, via ipad news update, the posts and comments started flowing.  Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc were full of Steve Jobs tributes.  Ranging from the 'I remember when' comments to the 'Thank you for changing my life comments'.  It was quite incredible to see how one man, who made 'computer stuff' had affected so many people internationally.

Then the other comments started to flow.  Everyone has the right to an opinion and understandably there has been a few people asking others to lay off the Steve Jobs comments or realise that thousands of people die from poverty, famine, war , etc so the death of Steve Jobs is really not that significant.

I respect every ones right to an opinion but I do tend to disagree with the latter.

Personally because of the creations of Steve Jobs and the company Apple my life has been changed and influenced significantly.  I have been able to access information and people I may have not otherwise bothered to.  I have become more involved in humanitarian, environmental and local issues.  I have been able to access and teach my daughter about current events, sustainable living and having an eco conscious through a medium that suits her age via ipad and iPhone apps. 

He may, for all I know, been an absolute jerk.  I am sure, like everyone Steve Jobs was far from perfect.  being sad about his death does not make me less affected by the death of soldiers on the frontline, or children starving in third world countries, or the death of the woman down the street after she battled with cancer.  But now I can have access to an entire online world that can show me how to do something productive with sadness.  We can affect change in the world - even if , like me, you are a stay at home mum in a small town - the affect you have can be global.  That is why I thank Steve Jobs and that is why I think it is okay to be a little isad.

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