Monday, August 29, 2011

It's not a gunt it's gut

The Teletubbies from here

Even not pregnant my body shape is more teletubbie than supermodel, that's fine , I can deal with that.  I'm actually okay with myself...I guess there is always room for improvement but as long as I'm relatively healthy I'm good.

Pregnancy got me thinking and as a friend is a pregnancy photographer I was asked.  Would I ever do a pregnancy photo shoot? Um....No.  For public safety ...No.

I don't have a cute bump.  I'm pregnant from my hairline to the place formerly known as my ankles, in between there may have, a long time ago, been a neck.  My boobs and my stomach have morphed into one being.  I am envisioning a summer of mu mu's.  Just to give you an idea!

Because trust me .....even though there is a baby in is a bit of a gut and not a gunt.

Beyonce photo from here

* This is Not me *

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