Thursday, January 2, 2014

Can you have your chia & pizza?

New Year is a slightly bizarre time.  The need to improve or change is never as great as it is New Years eve.  In that 'slightly' wine filled haze of good intentions I have year after year set myself up to fail.  Instead of eat healthier it was always I want to lose a billion kilos, etc, etc… know the drill.  I am all for dreaming big but also at 34 (how the fuck did that happen) I am a lot more comfortable in my own skin and with my own capabilities to realise I will never be a size 2,  5'11, professional sports player….

Although I may just be able to achieve everything I want to and manifest my dreams (nutritional, business and otherwise!) by having a bit of balance………..that god awful 'crunchy' word that we all try so hard to get a hold of. I may just be able to have my Chia seed super shake AND pizza too!

In regards to all of these fabulous New Years intentions that we all have , the best post I ever read is this one by the extraordinary Katie 180.  She knows what she talking about!

I'm hoping this year is insanely wonderful for everyone and that you achieve it all - big or small!

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