Sunday, July 21, 2013

Twenty Nine/ 52

Chloe: It has been incredibly wet here so on the rare moment that the sun shines we go out to the chook yard and make sure they are not swimming.   As Chloe walks in the chooks go running for a cuddle and a pat.  Raising small people that are kind to animals is a big thing for far my expectations are exceeded .

Summer: With the wet outside and her need to jump and sit in every puddle this is the look I get when I say no to going out there.  I will put the boots and jacket on and let her go nuts most of the time but you know, when it's hailing, maybe not.

This is part of the 52 project over at Che & Fidel

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  1. Thats so lovely, we'd love to have chooks in our backyard, maybe one day. Does your little one watch Peppa Pig? Mine does and we have to be on 'puddle watch' everywhere we go... Or take plenty of changes of clothes lol.