Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Suger .... Help me!

There once was a girl called Katy
She desperately tried to blog daily 
But then came the Kids and the Mr
Who kept her running around like a twister


She lost all her blogging mojo
But she has hundreds of photos
Sitting on an iCloud somewhere
So she now send out a prayer.......

Dear Suger

Won't you please help me
Make my blog all flash and pretty
I don't understand all the techy gab
I just want it too look fab!

I really need my blogging mojo back
So I can be better in the sack
So I don't turn to crack
So it looks like daddy mac
(see I need help!)

This is my entry into the Suger Coat it - blog makeover giveaway!!!! If I win I'll be back soon looking pretty.  If I don't when I finish crying into my wine I'll be back.

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