Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bits + Pieces

I am a huge (massive!) fan off Bleubird is a blog by Miss James who has an amazing family, life, etc,etc.....she does a piece on her blog called Bits + Pieces and I thought I would join in...

So these are the Bits + Pieces from this week....

New gumboots were worn everywhere as they ARE the shoes that go with everything!

Lots of sister love between my new schoolgirl and my new baby.

Platters that are easy to eat whilst wrangling said schoolgirl and breastfeeding
 (fab with some Spice Girlz Morrocan Jam!)

I spent lots of time looking into baby Summer's eyes already thinking time goes to quick.

I spent just as much time watching Chloe climb everything - knowing time goes far too quickly!

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