Thursday, December 1, 2011

My people

I am 37 weeks pregnant this Sunday.  I haven't really written much about this pregnancy.....I'm not sure the grand scheme of things it's been pretty good.   In a way I have kind of felt a little weird writing about as there are so many people that so desperately want to be parents and can't and on the other end of the spectrum there seem to be people that are a little 'over' being parents and just like to spread negativity (thankfully they are few and far between!). 
I've had a few issues but nothing that pounds of spinach, eggs and iron supplements wont fix!   The Mr has been away for work, returning next week, and cyclone Chloe has started her transition to primary school which she loves. Summers room is done - I keep tweaking it and moving stuff around.  I have insomnia at the moment and when I'm in Summers room at 2am worrying about the position of her clothes it all seems fairly crazy - I'm not sure she will give a hoot! Oh well - keeps me out of trouble! 

My people.....

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