Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wine and there a better combo?

This photo has nothing to do with anything....I just can't
stomach either of these at the moment and I miss them!

I have a huge amount of favourite blogs and favourite bloggers.  When I started this I had no idea how much of a 'community' it actually was.  Below are some of my all time favourites......more to come....

Mrs Woog at Woogsworld
Honest , funny, wonderful and authority on life in general. The Queen of blogs :)

Beth at Baby Mac
One lovely country lady, fabulous cook, has an incredibly neat house and one post can make you laugh, cry and hungry all in a minute!

Holly at Good Golly Miss Holly
She is brilliant and lovely and always has a uniquely brilliant way of looking at life.....need I say more!

St Murphy at St Murphy
He is a must read every morning! His blog has replaced my 'gay husband' when he ran off with a boy.

Nat at Fertile Body, Heart & Soul
Nat is the goddess of all things healthy and wholesome - I have been a HUGE fan for such a long time.  She covers everything from food to sleep and back.

Melissa at Suger Coat it
Is my fashion consultant/idol (she may not actually know this!) She has the best taste and her blog is fantastic !

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